TADVEdit - Disable caret and text selection all together?

Dealing with a customer request.

Using Delphi 11.2 and latest UI pack as of today.

Working with TAdvEdit.

Control is read only.

I need ability to disable the caret and text selection.

I can not set the control to enabled False, because it also needs events like double click to work.

HideCaret does not work, as it appears TAdvEdit draws its own?

I know this is kinda silly, but this is an old program now, and really no time rewrite everything and get QA test plans, ect to be done to change the test plans drastically at the momment.

For now, I came up with a hack job and a half....

I use the TApplication idle event.

If active control is ones that I care about for this, I set the SelLength to 0 and call HideCaret... thus calling it constantly over and over while its active.

MIGHT see a quick flash of the text being highlighted if really try for it.... but this "works"

Just be nice if could do this built into the control some how if i am missing something.

Might be non trivial. TAdvEdit descends from TEdit and does not override any standard caret behavior. So the current behavior is defined by base class TEdit, which in turn is an Object Pascal wrapper class for the Windows EDIT class that has default caret behavior.