TAdvDualListbox ver.:

Delphi ver.:  Embarcadero? Delphi 10.3 Version 26.0.33219.4899  (Update 1)
OS : Win 10 Pro

My question:
1: Does a detailed PG exists for above mentioned component (I couldn't find it)
2: I presume that the event "OnCustomizeControls" could be used in order to set various properties for the controls inside the component (left, right listbox, buttons) - is this true?
3: If so, I can't set the buttons size - how can I set the buttons size and maybe also the location?


Anders Balslev
  1. What is the meaning for "detailed PG"? It is unclear to me what PG stands for
    2. OnCustomizeControls is called for when you want to adapt child control properties and/or layout/position
    3. The buttons are accessible via:
        property BtnRightOne: TSpeedButton ;
        property BtnLeftOne: TSpeedButton;
        property BtnRightAll: TSpeedButton;
        property BtnLeftAll: TSpeedButton;

    and you should be able to make changes from the OnCustomizeControls event

Sorry to use the abbreviation.

PG = Programmers Guide (=developers guide)

I execute as follows:
procedure TformMain.MyDuallistCustomizeControls(Sender: TObject);

  MyDuallist.LeftList.Style:=lbOwnerDrawVariable; //works fine
  MyDuallist.RightList.Style:=lbOwnerDrawVariable; //works fine
  MyDuallist.LeftList.OnDragDrop:=lstbVdispShowOrgDragDrop; //works fine
  MyDuallist.RightList.OnDragDrop:=lstbVdispShowOrgDragDrop; //works fine
  MyDuallist.LeftList.OnDragOver:=lstbVdispShowOrgDragOver; //works fine
  MyDuallist.RightList.OnDragOver:=lstbVdispShowOrgDragOver; //works fine
  MyDuallist.LeftList.DragMode:=dmAutomatic; //works fine
  MyDuallist.LeftList.OnDrawItem:=lstbVdispShowOrgDrawItem; //works fine
  MyDuallist.RightList.OnDrawItem:=lstbVdispShowOrgDrawItem;//works fine
  MyDuallist.LeftList.ItemHeight:=20; //works fine
  MyDuallist.RightList.ItemHeight:=20; //works fine
  MyDuallist.BtnRightOne.Height:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnRightOne.Width:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnRightAll.Height:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnRightAll.Width:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnLeftOne.Height:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnLeftOne.Width:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnLeftAll.Height:=33; //Doesn't work
  MyDuallist.BtnLeftAll.Width:=33; //Doesn't work


Anders Balslev

I cannot see an issue with setting BtnRightOne.Height/BtnRightOne.Width.
I see visually that the button size in the control adapts to the new size.

This is retested here with the latest version of the component as-is on the form, all default properties, just OnCustomIzeControls event assigned.