TAdvDropBox(ver 1.3.10) won't compile on XE5_2


 I've updated XE5 to XE5 update 2 and installed the latest Cloud pack (ver: )
And then my project won't compile any more:

[bcc32 Error] CloudDropBox.hpp(172): E2303 Type name expected
 [bcc32 Error] CloudDropBox.hpp(173): E2303 Type name expected
 bcc32 Error] iosfwd(385): E2238 Multiple declaration for 'char_traits<wchar_t>::int_type'
[bcc32 Error] iosfwd(136): E2344 Earlier declaration of 'char_traits<wchar_t>::int_type'
[bcc32 Error] iosfwd(391): E2238 Multiple declaration for 'char_traits<wchar_t>::assign(wchar_t [bcc32 Error] iosfwd(141): E2344 Earlier declaration of 'char_traits<wchar_t>::assign(wchar_t &,const wchar_t &)'

Any help? Thanks.
It looks like the created head file not right:

CloudDropBox.hpp line 172 has  __property CallbackURL = {default=0};
CloudDropBox.hpp line 173 __property CallbackPort;

Can anyone please have a look and check why the file CloudDropBox.hpp created is wrong?


It is clearly a bug in the HPP file generation from the Delphi compiler but we will implement a workaround for it.

Thanks Bruno, the new version works.

But could you please check why "acc = Storage->RefreshAccess();" always return false?

DropBox doesn't offer an access token refresh, hence it always returns false. A new access token must be obtained.

Thanks Bruno, It will be good if you could mention in the API document which services do offer an access token refresh.