TAdvDockPanel and subpanels issue

If you place TAdvDockPanel and on it - TAdvOfficeFontSelector and TAdvOfficeFontSizeSelector - when you type in font name into font selector - as soon as you type one letter into the box the focus of the box is lost immediately and it jumps to next control in tab order. The same thing happens with font size selector - type one number into it and focus is lost immediately to another control and does not allow me to type to the end and press ENTER to select.

Also, if not docked to TadvDockPanel at all but as standalone controls, font selector and font size selector don't appear to allow typing at all. For example backspace key for deleting does not work at all.

Is this the latest version?
I retested this here and I cannot see an issue. If the problem persists with the latest version, please provide some sample source project and steps how this can be reproduced.

I figured what the problem might be. Previously the

TAdvOfficeFontSelector did not trigger the OnChange event on each letter typed, only when you pressed "ENTER" key so my program changed focus to memo control. Now it triggers OnChage for each typed letter. Is there a way to trigger OnChange only on:

- when user types full name and presses ENTER key to select?
- when user uses mouse to select font?

If OnChange is triggered when each letter is typed in, there is  no way for me to detect if this was full font name typed in and should I switch focus to my Memo or it was only partial name and should I still allow user to continue typing into the TAdvOfficeFontSelector until full name is typed in.

How can this be done now with this new version of TAdvOfficeFontSelector? It worked fine previously.

Did you try to handle the OnSelect event instead?

Sorry, this is still a problem. Even when using OnSelect event the OnSelect event too is triggered for every key press now just like the OnChange event. This should not happen and previously it did not - it was only triggered on actual selection.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? I want event to be triggered only on mouse selection click and on "Enter" key press or in other words when user has actually finished entering the font name or selected it with the mouse, as it should be (and was before).

I cannot reproduce this. With a TAdvOfficeFontSelector on the form and the code:

procedure TForm4.AdvOfficeFontSelector1Select(Sender: TObject);

the OnSelect is only triggered when click to select an item or press Enter with keyboard to make a selection.

Problem solved - I found another place in my code which was also setting OnChange event manually. Switched that to OnSelect and it works properly - thank you for your prompt help - much appreciated!