TAdvDBLookupComboBox Blob

I try to setup a TAdvDBLookupComboBox, to display a Blob-field from a query as Image. As i did on the dbGrid, i setup the fieldtyp within the query as ftGraphic, the datatype of the column within the combobox as ctImage.

But everytime i startup, i get a exception "Listindex out of range". On a closer look with the debugger, i saw, that, no matter what datatype i define, the combobox tries to display a text.

As the demo for the component works perfect, i guess i do something wrong.

How can i display the Blob-field as Image ?

Are you referring to the demo that uses the country flags?
If so, this demo uses an imagelist and the DB field for this column is an integer field.

Your right, this one uses a imagelist as source for the images. So i guess, it is not possible to use a blob-field directly as source for the images ?

If so, it might be a good idea as a new feature for the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Agreed, we will consider this for a future development.