TadvDBGrid and Master Detail

I have Two TadvDBGrids each using a Tdatasource which one is the master and the other the detail.   It was working fine until I decided to change page mode to False and Sort Options to True so I can use the column sort order.    Once I did that the child Grid does not navigate when the master changes.  I can fix it by simply changing back to PageMode True but I want to be able to use the column sort option.   Please advise as I cannot find any support on this issue.

I am using FDQuery by the way and Tdatasource.  Using parameterized query.  Let me know if any of these things are causing the issue as I cannot figure out how to make it all work.

Thank you


If you  set PageMode = false, the grid will no longer automatically change the active record when the active row changes in the grid. The recommended solution is to perform the sort at dataset level with grid.PageMode = true. Implement the grid.OnCanSort event and from there, update your query to perform the sort.

Thanks for the reply.  Maybe I am missing something but with Pagemode
set to True and not all the data loaded, I would assume that this would
be more of an issue with a Master Detail.   With Pagemode = False and
laoding all records so that I can take advantage of sort why would this
break the MD relationship.  

sorry for the perhaps trivial
question but am i missing something or am I using this tool the wrong
way ?    Can it be an issue of how I have the Child GRID setup ?  I also
set that one to Pagemode = False.   I want to take advantage of the
parent grid columns sort that is built in without losing the ability of
the child table losing the relationship.

Your help is appreciated.


When PageMode = false, the grid disconnects after it loaded all data from the dataset but for master/detail, the connection must stay.
PageMode = true offers higher performance, not only for loading but also for sorting when it is done at dataset level.

Thank you I will use the OnCanSort Event as you stated earlier and see how that works. 

Thanks again for your quick replies.

Eddie M