TAdvDBFormBox ScrollArea

Hi, i don't realize what i'm doing wrong....

I have a TAdvDBFormBox, that contains the TAdvDBFormPanel. The ScrollArea Heigth remains always fixed to the pixels i have set at design time, even if a generate a very "long" form, with 40-50 fields.

I've seen from the code that teorically the ScrollArea coordinates are set in procedure


but, in debug mode i see that the procedure is never called.

Going back a step, the DoPanelLayoutCreated is assigned to event


that is called in procedure


that is called from


and also the TAdvDBFormPanel.ShowLayout is never called.

So... it's normal ? To change the ScrollArea Height, i have to capture the coordinates of the last control created (using the event OnControlCreated), and use its Top Value to set the ScrollArea ?

Thanks as always, ciao !


Yes, please adapt TAdvDBFormBox.ScrollArea.Height to the max. height you need according to controls used in the TAdvDBFormBox.

Ok Bruno, thank you !