TAdvDateTimePicker AutoTab property

I have recently found the AutoTab property of the TAdvDateTimePicker component, which improves the flow of data entry when typing dates, however I've found it a little un-intuitive when typing part of a date that is already included.

For example, suppose the date displayed is 01/01/2019.
If the user types the date 04/12/2019, the AutoTab property correctly moves between the parts of the date as you type.
However, if the user types 01/12/2019, the first 01 is the same as the existing value, so the AutoTab doesn't seem to detect the data entry, and doesn't move to the next part of the date.

Is this the expected behaviour, or is there some setting I could change to move between parts of the date as data is entered, regardless if that part has changed or not?

It is currently a date change that triggers that an auto tab is performed or not.

We will need to investigate if there is an alternative.

Thanks, that is how I suspected it currently works.

I hope it is possible to support the 'change on typing' behaviour I described, in the future, as this component otherwise solves several issues with our current solution.