TAdvCustomFacebook.Post(); deprecated


I just upgraded the VCL Cloud pack to the latest, hoping to get rid of an AV that has popped-up whenever posting on my Facebook page, since exactly February 1st, after over almost 2 years of faultless daily operation.

Coincidentally, the line where I get the AV since February 1 is a call to TAdvCustomFacebook.Post() which is now marked as deprecated. So this looks promising.

Except that I cannot find what method is supposed to replace TAdvCustomFacebook.Post. I looked at the demos, but they have not changed since I used them as basis for my program in 2017.

What should I use instead of TAdvCustomFacebook.Post() ?

Very best regards,

Olivier Beltrami


Please note that the call to the Facebook API that is used when using TAdvFacebook.Post has been deprecated by Facebook which is why the Post call was deprecated as well.
Unfortunately we are not aware of a new equivalent call in the Facebook API to replace this functionality at this time.

Any update of this ?

Unfortunately there still seems to be no equivalent available in the Facebook API for now.

More information can be found here: