TadvColumnGrid fontsize too small when using Grid images on Highdpi/scaled monitors

On Monitors with scale > 100%, Textsize in cells is changing to whats look like a non scale size when turning on image in a cell that contain text.

Do you use the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack and if so, what Delphi version do you use? How you configured fonts? Grid property settings?

We are using Delphi 11 with all hotfixes, TMS VCL UI Pack

It is very easy to reproduce, just create at new vcl project and
drop a AdvColumngrid, ImageCollection, VirtualImageList and a Button to the form.
then add a image to imagecollection/virtualImageList
on advColumnGrid set gridimages to virtualimagelist and add some text to headers

in button.onclick troggle grid image on/off in one of the headers containing text:

I use this code to troggle image on/off

procedure TForm6.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  idx : Integer;
   idx := -1;
   IF AdvColumnGrid1.GetImageIdx(1, 0, Idx)  then
     if idx=0 then

   if idx = -1 then
     AdvColumnGrid1.AddImageIdx(1,0,0, haBeforeText, TCellValign.vaCenter);


TestAdvColumnGrid.zip (12.0 KB)

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I forgot one thing, You should launch the test app on a monitor running with scale > 100%

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Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue here.
The next update will address this.