TAdvCheckTreeView onNodeCheckedChanged not firing

I seem to have found a problem with the TAdvCheckTreeView. The onNodeCheckedChanged event is not always triggered when you use the mouse, but is when you use the keyboard (space bar). I'm using the tree view to filter data displayed in a grid and the problem initially showed when they were occasionally getting out of sync.

A standard mouse click appears to correctly trigger the event with the NewState correctly set but a double click does not. I think a double click is changing the status of the check box twice but only firing the onNodeCheckedChanged once for the first change of the check box.

This can be easily recreated with a single node TAdvCheckTreeView and the onNodeCheckedChanged, onClick & onDblClick adding lines to a TMemo.

Using the keyboard behaves as expected. Holding the space bar down causes the check box to toggle state and the onNodeCheckedChanged is triggered for every change of state.

I am using the latest version, v1.0.0.2, of the component (from Component Pack v7.4.4.0)


Neil Parrish

This is unfortunately a bug in the Microsoft treeview control.
You can find a reference to this here: