TAdvAvatar Smooth Edges

I am currently working with the TAdvAvatar component in my application, and I have noticed that the edges of the avatar images appear to be somewhat jagged, which impacts the visual appeal of the user interface.

I was wondering if there are any settings or techniques available within the TAdvAvatar component that would allow for the smoothing or anti-aliasing of the edges to create a more polished and seamless appearance.

Your guidance on how to achieve smoother edges for the TAdvAvatar images would be greatly appreciated, as it would significantly enhance the user experience of our application.

We have investigated this and it appears that the GDI+ clipping that is used here to draw the avatar in a circle isn't applying anit-aliasing.
If you set a BorderColor <> clNone, the border itself is drawn with anti aliasing. So, I suggest to set the BorderColor to the background color and it should be drawn without the edges of the clipping.

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That worked beautifully, much appreciated.

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