Has anyone used this component successfully. The documentation on this component is somewhat lacking... I don't seem to be able to connect with this component, but can with cloudberry and s3 browser with same credentials..

Any help is appreciated.


We are not aware of any issues with the TAdvAmazonCloudDrive component.

Did you follow instructions on this page: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/cloudkey.asp#Amazon ?

I am trying to access an existing bucket on S3.  have the application and secret key, but do not get the connection.

Please note that the TAdvAmazonCloudDrive component is intended to connect to Amazon Cloud Drive it is not compatible with Amazon S3.

Ok, did not know that. Will try another method.

The instructions for setting up TAdvAmazonCloudDrive are now obsolete. The last step, step #4 to register as a developer tells you: the white paper is now closed to new developers..

Any help registering TAdvAmazonCloudDrive would be appreciated. 

That is correct, unfortunately we have no control over the availability of the Amazon cloud drive service.
The documentation will be updated accordingly.