TAddictCheck Install

Can you please give instructions on how to install the TAddictCheck component included in the asg34.pas sample?

Am using BDS2006
I copied the AsgAddictCheck.pas and AsgAddictCheckReg.pas files to the Tms Software directory then tried adding the AsgAddictCheckReg.pas to tmsd2006.dpk and rebuilding and I keep gettiing package TMSD2006 already contains unit ASGReg error.  I then removed the file and still can't rebuild even without it. 
Now my application no longer compiles, the compiler just locks up.  This must must have corrupted the BPL or header files somehow.
Is this the correct package to put it?

Still waiting for a response to this 2 months later.  Can the installer detect that Addict is installed and automatically include these in the project?

Did you add the Addict package in the requires list of tmsd2006 before adding AsgAddictCheck*.pas files to it?