TAdbLookupComboBox Keyboard usage issues

In TadvDbLookupCombobox, I have two string columns: Id and Name. Selection and incremental search while dropdown combo is visible are ok. But I have problems when dropdowncombo is not visible.If I paste valid Id value to combo (dropdown is not visible) or erase value using eihter backspace or Ctrl-A and Del ( there exists one record in lookup dataset with empty id value) underlying datafield is not updated. My pasted value stays in combo until Idataset.post get called, after post it returns to previous value.
Is there workaround to get this kind of behavior working?


We have seen an issue with clipboard paste and have addressed this.
We plan to release a TMS VCL UI Pack update with this fix this week.

I assume that delete case is fixed at same time?

Backspace handling has been improved.

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