TableView Toolbar and Search bar

Hi there,

When running on my iPhone 4S, the ToolBar of a TableView is not positioned correctly.  It appears to leave a gap above it.  In the simulator it looks ok.

If I set the Toolbar to True at designtime then this seems to work around the issue.

Also, a bit more serious is regarding the search bar.  When I add a fearch/filter bar to a TableView, simply clicking on the TableView will cause the app to crash/exit.  Are you aware of this,  do you have a workaround/fix?

Other than that,  loving the components!  

Did you experience the crash on your device ? We are aware of crashes on the simulator so it is important that you always test on your device as well.

Which iOS version are you running?

please make sure that you are always running the latest iOS SDK and version on your device.

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