TableView accesory badge align


I am moving my old FMX UI Pack code to FNC UI Pack, right now as a customer I can qualify your job as failure, I did not know how old is the FNC UI Pack.

On the image above I marked with red the space between different tableview rows, everyone with it own accesory badge, however as you can see if my user wants to increase the "text" inside it won't allow me to align the badge in some way.

I hate to send you over and over again images with FMX UI Pack, but such deprecated suite was a very good group of components, that's why I bought it many many years ago

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We already explained the choice moving away from TMS FMX UI Pack. The FireMonkey framework evolved in a way that was not suitable for maintaining components long term. Either way, rewriting the existing components in FMX would mean the whole application would break. Therefore we decided to rewrite components in FNC with the benefit of targeting multiple frameworks and operating systems, and make the transition process as easy as possible, knowing that this would not be the ideal situation. The difference between FMX and FNC lies in the structure of component layouts and sometimes, the differences can be overlooked, as FMX took care of alignment, we needed to port every detail to FNC. Unfortunately the constant change in the software world and continuous challenges made it difficult to allocate resources in a way that we cover all the details in the migration process. To counter this, we provide case by case support in a timely manner and seek for a solution. If it lies within our power to fix the issue, we do this as fast and as good as we possibly can. We completely understand your frustration and are more than happy to help out but let it be clear that we do this in a respectful way.

I saw some parts of the code FNCTableView.pas, I don't know why you just draw the "badge" aligned at the right of the tableview item.

I can swap "badge" for "button" and apply this as alternative solution but as usually with TMS...... the button can't let me choose a fill color and font color, so neither options solve my actual needs.


I need to be honest, because you maybe think I am your enemy but it's not, FMX UI pack was a very nice components for my customers, but they are SLOW, FNC UI Pack it's extremely fast and that's excellent, I prefer a faster App than a beatiful UI .... no doubt.

By the way PDFLibrary it's excellent Sir, I will post some images that my customers print every day for his business.


We've added a BadgeAlign property for each item that can be used to align the badge within the accessory rectangle. The rectangle is defined with the AccessoryWidth & AccessoryHeight and then you can align the auto-calculated badge to the left, center or right. So the fix the issue, set BadgeAlign to gtaTrailing (default is gtaCenter)