Table of Keycodes


we have included a TMS TDBAdvGrid in our software.
Please can we have a list of posible Keystrokes and the reactions in the grid?
Example: <Cursor right> ==> Moves the selection a Column to the rigt..
                <Page down>   ==> Next Page of the the dataselection...
We must descripe our software exactly.
Thank you
Best regards
Horst Härtel

It is difficult to provide a general description as many of the keyboard handling capabilities are configurable and thus, the person who creates the application with  the grid has this under control.

Arrow keys: move active in direction of arrow key
Page up/down : move to new / previous page
F2 key : start editing (when editing is enabled)
Home/End key: are configurable between move active cell to first / last row or first/last column
Ins/Del key: configurable to insert/delete a row or column
Enter key: start editing (when enabled) , stops editing
Any key: starts editing with a character (when enabled)
Ctrl arrow key : scroll grid one row / column

further details might specifically depend on how you implemented the grid in your application.

Hello Bruno,

many thanks for the fast reply.
I want to select multiple rows  of the grid (<CTRL> or <SHIFT> and Mouseclick) for further action.
So we set in a DBAdvGrid the Flag: MouseAction.DisjuncRowSelect to true.
The selection with mouseclick an <CTRL> or <SHIFT> works well.
But if i  move around with <Cursor up> and <Cursor down>
the selection marks all the rows in wich the cursor was moved.
<CTRL> and <SHIFT> do not work with the Cursor-Keys.
Is there another Flag to set for correct behavior?
Please give me a tip.
Many thanks

I cannot reproduce such issue here with the latest version tested on a default grid initialized with:

  advstringgrid1.RowCount := 100;
  advstringgrid1.Options := advstringgrid1.Options + [goRowSelect];
  advstringgrid1.MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect := true;

Hello Bruno,

thank you for the reply.
We are using TMS and DELPHI XE3
I have try it again:
-Make a new DELPHI XE3 - Project
-Add a IBDAC TIBCConnection
-Add a IBDAC TIBCDataSource
-Add a TMS TDBAdvGrid an join together (Set the DATASOURCE...)
   Set MouseAction.DisjuncRowSelect := True
Same Error:
Do a Mouseclick on a Grid-Row in the middle of the grid.
Move with the with Arrow-Key-UP to begin of Grid will mark all rows where the cursor is moved
 (no <CTRL> or <SHIFT> pressed)
Then move with the Arrow-Key_Down to end of grid will not unmark the marked rows.
After the startposition is reached further rows will be marked.
With this procedure it is posible to mark the entire table only with the Arrow-Keys.
Is this a bug or a feature :-)
I have add my testproject here:
Please give me a tip
Thank you
Horst Härtel

Can you try to set grid.PageMode = false?