TabControl: SetActiveTabWithTransition


the new tabcontrol is amazing. Kudos to the development team.

There is one small bit I would appreciate: SetActiveTabWithTransition. I use this frequently in Firemonkey and was wondering whether it would be possible to add this.

Many thanks for FNC and have a great rest of the week


We haven't added animation support in the first version, but this is a valid suggestion and we will investigate if animations are possible. We also need to take other frameworks (VCL, LCL) into account before we can add animations that are available in FMX.

Hi Pieter,

much appreciated. FNC is really a fantastic product and I replace my standard components with FNC where ever possible. As I said before, that is the one I thing I currently miss however the badges are a great addition.

Kind regards

Thank you for your kind and valuable feedback!

Thanks Gernot!

We'd be interested in hearing about what other type of FNC UI controls you'd wish next and of course in hearing from other users too so we steer our developments in the right direction. 

Hi Bruno, hi Pieter,

the only 2 thing I can think of (right of the top of my head) are a reporting framework which ties into charts and grid (+ master-detail) and a flexible listview (where you can arrange everything to you liking, similar to the dynamic appearence in Delphi Berlin).

And maybe a set of icons accompanying your products (similar to or expanding the tabcontrol in the KernowSoftwareFMX on Github)

If something comes to my mind I might send an email. Have a great weeknd

BTW: the new weblayout which shows new releases is a substantial improvement