Tab scroll buttons for TAdvSmoothTabPager?

In my app, users can change the tab captions for the TAdvSmoothTabPager. So, of course, some of those names get really long. Are there tab scroll buttons for TAdvSmoothTabPager like with the TAdvOfficePager?

Assuming the answer is no (I don't see anything there):
  1. How do I know that the tabs have gone wider than the pager width?
  2. How do I move them into view? I see that I can hide the tabs that come first, but is this really practical or is there a better way.


Unfortunately this is not possible. TAdvSmoothTabPager was designed for intuïtive and easy to use user interfaces with or without touch, therefore it was left out. There are other tab controls/pagers that offer this kind of functionality such as the AdvOfficePager and AdvOfficeTabSet. Alternatively, you can also take a look at the TTMSFNCPageControl and TTMSFNCTabSet that are available in FNC.