T(DB)AdvCardList - SelectAll

Sorry Bruno, seems like I've messed up the previous topic by putting the wrong component name.
TAdvCardList SelectAll

The Visible property has no relation with the card being within the client rect of the TAdvCardList or not. The Visible property is set at application level to control visibility in general of the card and is at no time controlled internally by TAdvCardList.

That said, I figured out it is in fact a TDBAdvCardList. Now I see it's kinda loading records on demand, and unloading cards when the windows is resized (shrinked) - so it was not that the # or visible cards are affected, but the full CardList's content and Cards.Count .

Couldn't find an option to turn off this load on demand/unload behaviour, so I'll evaluate moving to a static TAdvCardlist, as in this particular case I will never have too many records, and I want the user to be able to select all cards he can view in the box, even if scrolled out of rect.

Is there an alternative way to force full records loading and avoid dynamic management in TDBAdvCardList? I tried with higher (and much higher) PageCount values, but there was no change.

For performance reasons, at this moment TDBAdvCardList will only load visible cards.
There is at this moment unfortunately not a built-in setting to change this behavior.
You could indeed load at application level cards from your entire dataset into a TAdvCardList as solution.