System and SysUtils not supported?


I am trying to use methods like CreateDir and File Streams but pas2js complains that the units can not be found. 

According to the documentation, SysUtils and System are supported.

Do I need to add some paths in library?


SysUtils unit and System unit are provided. Please note though that any API to do local file access is absent. For safety and security reasons, a web client browser application has no direct local file access.

If the application has the right permissions then it should be able to write local files on servers. Isn't it right?

How else can logs and config files can be produced?

A TMS WEB Core web client application uses the single-page application architecture and that means the application runs in the browser. Access to server is typically done via HTTP requests. Hence, a server side application controls via HTTP requests what can be accessed server side or not.
Bruno Fierens2018-08-19 11:27:13