Synchronous scrolling of two FNC Planners

Place two FNC Planners on the same form.

Scroll the Grid part of one FNCPLanner by dragging.

I understand that it is good to work with OnVScroll or OnHScroll to align the other position, but is there a good sample or demo code to synchronize the scroll position?

I think TPlanner had a Demo ...

You can use the following code to synchronise the scroll position

procedure TForm10.TMSFNCPlanner1VScroll(Sender: TObject; APosition: Single);
  TMSFNCPlanner2.VerticalScrollBar.Value := APosition;


It seems that the property called VerticalScrollBar.Value is not implemented.

Need to update the package?

Also, the VScroll method works when manipulating the scroll bar.
Is there a way to sync when dragging and scrolling with the mouse?

The sample was aimed for FMX. If you are using VCL, you need to use VerticalScrollBar.Position instead of VerticalScrollBar.Value. If you want to synchronize scrolling when dragging the planner itself, I think it is better to start a timer instead and synchronize the VerticalScrollBar.

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