Sync and ASync events in TIWAdvWebGrid

I have a grid in which I want a click on one column to update a cell asynchronously, but a click on another column to load a new frame over the top of the current frame (the one the grid is in).

Using OnAsyncCellClick the cell update works fine, but the new frame is loaded but not displayed until clicking refresh in the browser.

Using OnCellClick I can get both to work but the cell update causes the whole grid to be redrawn.

Is there any way to cause the new frame to be rendered from the async event?

Did you test this from the async event from a standard IWButton in the first place?

It would appear your question is rather about an IW Frame rather than specific to our grid component.
If this doesn't work from a standard IWButton, please contact Atozed software about this.

That is correct Bruno. Thanks for your help.