Switching Sheets

Hi Adrian! 

I want to have more complex XLS files, with multiple sheets and acomplish this:

1) like you use a config sheet, I would like to have mine, so how can I get a specific sheet and the cell data from it? The idea is to define in this config sheet some kind of menu/link system about the other sheet on the same XLS

2) I will send the data to flexcel and show the XLS calculated, but eventually I need to change the active sheet and show it to the user. Since there will be many sheets on the same XLS I want to change the one that is rendered at the moment and present it to the user. The data will be the same.

I want to integrate XLS files like this:

As you see there are many sheets in the same XLS, related to the same data, and a menu system to switch between the sheets.

Since the flexcel is "only" a renderer, I thought in have a config sheet where I definde an external menu for the particular XLS and it somewhat interacts changing the active page

any idea welcomed.