Switch from FMXCalendar to FNCCalendar

I switched from fmxcalendar to fnccalendar. With fmxcalendar it was possible to place several symbols per day in the calendar. I need this function to signal to the user that different types of appointments (Holiday, Appointment and Birthday) are available. With fmxcalendar this is possible via the event TMSFMXCalendar1CustomizeEvent.
Is there somehow the possibility of realizing that with fnccalendar?
Thanks in advance.


Something similar can be done with:

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCCalendar1AfterDrawDayNumbers(Sender: TObject;
  AGraphics: TTMSFNCGraphics; ARect: TRectF; ADate: TDate);
  r: TRectF;
  r := RectF(ARect.Right - 5, ARect.Top, ARect.Right, ARect.Top + 5);
  AGraphics.Fill.Color := gcRed;
  AGraphics.Fill.Kind := gfkSolid;
  AGraphics.Stroke.Color := gcRed;
  AGraphics.Stroke.Kind := gskSolid;

To add custom symbols to a specific date.

Thanks Pieter, that was a great tip.:grinning:

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