SwaggerUI change title and version

Hi TMS Team,

I'm creating my first service with XData and I love it!

The introduction of swagger and swaggerUI is a fantastic thing.

In SwaggerUI interface I would need to change the API title and version. I saw that there are two specific properties in the class TXDataBaseModel (unit XData.Model.Classes) but I can't find the possibility to set them in my project.

In this REST service I not use Aurelius but UniDAC with direct SQL and specific DTO classes

There's a way?

Hi Claudio,

Thank you for the nice words! Here is how you can set Title and Version of your XData model:

uses {...}, XData.Aurelius.Model;

  TXDataAureliusModel.Default.Title := 'My API';
  TXDataAureliusModel.Default.Version := '1.3' ;


Thank you very much Wagner!

After trying some REST frameworks, my last choice is to use XData! It's really a great framework, very flexible and powerful! TMS Business is a subscription that every serious Delphi developer should have in his toolbox!

Best Regards!

Thank you very much, Claudio! Really appreciated.