Swagger JWT login

A minor thing, but nice to have as a feature. When logging in with the SwaggerUI to supply a JWT, it would be nice if different options could be accepted. Right now, if you generate a JWT from an endpoint, you can copy it from the page and then paste it into the JWT login for Swagger. But you have to type 'Bearer ' first. Would be good if it added in Bearer automatically if it wasn't present. Likewise, if you just hit the copy function from the endpoint that generated the JWT, you get value: { JWT } or somethign like that copied to the clipboard. Would be great if the Swagger Login could parse that and get just the JWT and again also add in the 'Bearer ' prefix. Even better if you could somehow flag an endpoint that generates JWTs in such a way that a "login with this JWT" could be added.

All of this is provide by Swagger UI. It's not maintained by TMS, but it's an open source UI tool for Swagger. Maybe you can suggest the new features there: GitHub - swagger-api/swagger-ui: Swagger UI is a collection of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API.

This feature will not be implemented.