Swagger, Error when expanding the service function

REST Server based on XData service.

When I open details of the service function, the following error appears on the server:

Unknown path "[object Module]"

Does anyone know the behavior?

What you mean by "open details of service function"? What are you doing, exactly?

Are you maybe trying to send an object parameter via URL? You cannot do that. Check if your service has an object parameter and, if it does, do not use [HttpGet] attribute on it.

I only click into row "item" or "tax" to expand details.

My code is:

Can you please expand and show the full request with the parameters you typed and the results provided by the server in the Swagger UI?
Can you please try changing WideString to string?

All WideString replaced by String

Do I understand correctly that changing from WideString to string solved the problem?

Unfortunately not. The problem persists.

If you want, you can also look at it directly on my pc via Teamviewer.

After testing again, I find that there is no longer an error. For whatever reason.
Thanks for the efforts.