SVG File with white drawing raises error, same in black is fine

Hi all,
when I try to use a SVG Image with a white drawing I get en error in the color decoder saying that '$:M' is not a valid integer. (Not only with this SVG, but with all of the series I have) This happens both with the GDIP Image container and when asigning the image directly to a button or so.

The image is ok, I can open it in other programs.
The absolute same image, but with black lines works as expected.
If req I can attach a samlple of both versions.

Any ideas?


Hi, yes please attach the SVG so we can inspect what happens. (2.1 KB)

Here (2.2 KB)
Here is the working one ..._b (black) and the not-working one (..._w white).
They are just an example, all of the 50+ icons behave this way,



are there any insights on this issue?


We have tested this here and cannot reproduce the issue with the attached SVG files. We have recently released an update, can you test with by installing the latest update?