Support for Collation and Duplex in version 4.2

Support for Collation and Duplex in version

I can see how to set
collation and duplex using their type in the unit  atDiagram.

However it
would be good for the user to be able to set this in the Print 

In unit atDiagram is the procedure SetPrintParams.

problem seems to be that we don't know if the printer selected by the
supports Collation and Duplex.

Perhaps when SetPrintParams is called it
should return the additional parameters:-

   var  IsPrinterDuplex : boolean;
IsPrinterCollate : boolean;

These values can be used to set
TFmDgrPrintDialog in unit fDgrPrintDialog.

I notice that that Print
dialog already has the images:-
1) imgNoCollate

Perhaps also we need a way to set duplex vertical or
horizontal on the Print

Can these user interface elements be placed on the Print dialog in the next release please?

  Peter Evans

Hi Peter,

we can consider adding such feature in a future release, but can't guarantee in which release it will be included.
Have you seen our new feature requests page in our support page? You can maybe add your request there and see how many votes it gets.