Subnode in TWebClientConnection.DataNode

Is possible to indicate a subnode in TWebClientConnection.DataNode?
For Example: TWebClientConnection.DataNode:= 'detail' from '{master: {detail: [...';
I need to obtain the relative dataset from node "detail" and not "master".

At this moment, the datanode defines the root node.
We will investigate if we can add extra flexibility to also define deeper level nodes in a future update.

HI Bruno,
I use ready Json-rpc services for some parts of this project; response have always "result:" primary node that contain then data and datasets. So I need to skip "result:" node and attach DataNode to a dataset subnode.
Using dataset.datarow forces me to write more code and pass through a Json object which can be avoided (improving performance).
Please add the "extra flexibility" :slight_smile:
Thank you

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