Subgrids or Subpanels

Hello Bruno and TMS team,

After experimenting with some web frameworks, I discovered some grids like JQuery grid allows to have a collection of subgrids under each row.
Can you add this feature to TTAdvStringgrind and TFNCStringGrid ?

The subgrids should be a collection on grids, defined with their own headers and independant from master grid, with individual visible/enabled state and collapsable ability with a title caption.
Important : The subgrid should not count as a ROW of the main master grid, or be inside a Cell. It's a separate grid defined as a child of a maingrid row.

An alternative would be an empty SubPanel child of rows where we would manage parenting grids to it ... or anything. But that would leave us handling collapsing and refreshing visuals.Also a Subpanel is easyer to implement for you and more versatile, but I don't know if it is better or suitable in a FNCStringgrid web environment.

maybe having both is better ;-)


Did you check: