Styleelements identifier not found

Good morning,

im trying to setup a FNC Grid in my TMS Web Core Application. So far, everything goes fairly smooth, but when i try to set the Styleelement seborder to false in my FNC Grid i get the error message on compiling that the Styleelement identifier has not been found. I already reinstalled FNC Chart and Core, no change... what is the issue here?

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The StyleElements property is exposed in VCL, not in TMS WEB Core. As TMS WEB Core is using the VCL form designer, the property is visible, but cannot be used unfortunately.


what's the setting then to set the FNCGrid without outer borders? Thought that was the seBorder property, but then there must be another way?

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With this code

  TMSFNCGrid1.Stroke.Kind := gskNone;