Struggling to get DropBox share

I'm struggling to find the way to get the DropBox Share URL from the components. I've been through a lot of confusing similar posts on the forum, but none work.

I'm using : FUploadedFile := TDropBoxItem(CloudDropBox.Upload(di.Path, FTempPDFFile));

Which always returns a nil object. The original TDropBoxItem - (di) has an empty string for Share. What is the correct way to upload a file to DropBox and retrieve the Share URL ?


The correct way is indeed by retrieving the value from the Share property.

However, the result of the Upload method shouldn't be nil.

Does the upload actually place the file on the dropbox account?
Can you please make sure you are using the latest version of TMS FMX Cloud Pack?

If the problem persists, please provide a log file so I can further investigate this.
Logging can be enabled by setting Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail.
The log file is automatically generated in the machine's Documents folder.