Stretch Column(s) needed


I have huge grid with many columns and I'm usually using anchors to resize the grid according the size of the form. I know about StretchColum and StretchAll properties but what I would need is to stretch only predefined columns. Not all of them or just one. For example, just columns 1 and 4. All others should not change their width.

Can this be implemented in TAdvStringGrid and TDBAdvStringGrid components?

At this time, there is only the possibility to stretch all columns proportionally or stretch a single column (set by grid.ColumnSize.StretchColumn) 
There is currently unfortunately not an option to do something in between i.e. select a subset of columns only for stretching. You'd have to do this programmatically via setting grid.ColWidths[col]: integer

I would be fine with the option to stretch all columns proportionally if this would not automatically resize all columns to be the same width. If the initial width of all columns could be the same and then proportionally increase/decrease their width that would be OK.

That is exactly what it will do when you set grid.ColumnSize.SynchWithGrid = true (leave all other ColumnSize properties default)

Great! That will be good for now. Still, I hope you will implement resizing of subset of columns in future versions.