Strange timeouts when working with TTMSFNCToolBar

Hi everyone,
I experience a strange behaviour while using TTMSFNCToolbar.
When I work with the component I have long timeouts when clicking on any of the toolbar buttons.
It is like I click on any of the buttons and then the IDE becomes unresponsive and after a few seconds I can continue working. I have this in a FMX application which I cannot share here. I will try to reproduce this in an application which I can share, just wondering if anyone of you has similar experiences while working with TTMSFNCToolbar?


At designtime, a lot is involved, re-aligning / positioning buttons. At runtime, this should not be an issue. We have experienced this here at times and it's due to the AutoAlign property. You can turn this off and see if this improves the behavior.

Hi, I suspected that and tried to switch off autoalign - as far as I could tell, it did not solve the problem.
But of course, this is not at all a runtime issue. It is a designtime issue. If that should somehow be fixable, it would be really great.