strange if conditions behavior


i have a very simple if condition , but it just won't work , 
if we look at the attached image , the _var_cat is already shown that it's value 
is "ALL" , why it just won't execute the _prepare_items ?

please advice, but trying many different way .

Hi  and i did not make any changes to my code , while i tested this morning the above is not working, then after a few hours of rest when i come back to my code and test , the above if condition to test _vat_cat = 'ALL" work ... 

but my simple if _name1 = _name2 is not working, somehow , it did not compare the condition and return the if as False , then the weird thing is that , when i put a show message for the value _name1
and during debug the _name1 value displayed, which it was NOT display when the if condition is not working. But once the showmessage , it will show the _name1 , after that , i comment the showmessage without touching anything, it will work again ,

i am getting lost ! please advice.

It is hard to tell with just partial code snippets and without seeing the transpiled JavaScript;
If a problem persists, please isolate and provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce the issue.