store in cell a number as text

I need insert in a cell  number as text. 
i have a programm in delphi that read data from db and copy it on a excel 
i use flexcel studio  for export data.

A part of my program is

Xlsx := TXlsFile.Create(True);
fmt := Xlsx.GetDefaultFormat;
fmt.Format := '@';
XF := Xlsx.AddFormat(fmt);

When data uniqueyrypol.FieldByName('COD_POL').AsString is '0001100001'  (without quoted)  and i try to open dbcct.xlsx  with excel, it show that cell as number.
In excel is possible insert a single quote and store a number as a string. 
Does it possible emulate store number as string in flexcell.

try doing:


SetCellValue will enter whatever you pass to it. If you pass a string, it will enter a string. If you pass a number, it will enter a number. So
xls.SetCellValue(1,1,1) will enter the number 1.
xls.SetCellValue(1,1,”1”) will enter the string 1.

SetCellFromString will try to convert a string into the best data type, so SetCellFromString(1,1,”1”) will enter the number 1, not the string “1”.