1. How do I use this?

This defines whether the permission settings are persisted in a table or in the form DFM file.

If you read my question you can see I did not ask what does it do?

My question is : how do I use it?
when I change the value to Table, my app says there is an error because an sql is needed...
When I set to form, remote computers do not change the behavior...
Can you really help me not giving  funny answers?

When you set PermissionBindary.Storage = psTable, then you need to make sure you have a dataset connected to the uilSecurityManager that has a table that can store the permissions. That means a table with fields : Action (number), FormName (text), Items (text), Permission (text). The table needs to be connected to the uilSecurityManager via uilSecurityManager.PermissionBindary.DataSource.
The included ADO demo uses this tecnique.
When you set PermissionBindary.Storage = psForm, the permission information is included in the DFM file. When you need to update the permissions, this will mean you will need to distribute an application update as these permissions are embedded in the EXE.

I have a Firedac Query dataset connected... I have the same error!!!!

Define "the same error", you did not mention any error message before!