On Smartphone, Tablet or PC user can create a new account and then log in. Sphinx works.
But in the webclient program the user is shown as "not logged in".
I can repeat the login process as many times as I want, but it remains "User not logged in".
Here is my project
ProMan_web.zip (203.2 KB)

The server is running and the client can be accessed via the link "".
If I start the web client directly on the server side, everything runs normally and I get the login token displayed in the memo.

My browser console shows me
1707310024409.log (2.2 KB)

What could be the reason for this?


I've already found the error myself.
The problem:
The server is running the UTC time, i.e. one hour back... I've changed the time on the server to our current winter time and everything is already running ;)

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