Speed up adding check boxes


I need to load about 300000 check boxes in several ColumnGrids which takes me nearly 4 seconds. Is there a way to speed this up?

I have already tried to use AddCheckBoxColumn() or AddCheckBox() within a loop and to use BeginUpdate() but there is almost no difference.


When you need to add that many checkboxes, it's better to use the edDataCheckBox editor type in a TAdvColumnGrid column.

With this setting:

  AdvColumnGrid1.RowCount := 3000000;
  AdvColumnGrid1.Columns[1].Editor := edDataCheckBox;

it is instant.

How do I do it in C++?

AdvColumnGrid1->RowCount = 3000000;
AdvColumnGrid1->Columns->Items[1]->Editor = edDataCheckBox;

Thank you very much. Just what I needed.