Specific Editor Types

In the grids you can launch a specific editor type using the OnGetCellEditor event. I was looking to do something similar with a normal TWebEdit but while I can find the definition of the event I can't find the implementation. Any pointers?

There is not an even for this in TWebEdit but the property WebEdit.EditType

Yes, but that doesn't offer such an extensive set of options.

Also, I can't see in the source where OnGetCellEditor gets called. Is this in the Pas2JS?

  1. I don't see how OnGetCellEditor offers a more extensive set of options
  2. OnGetCellEditor is called from TWebStringGrid when editing is enabled
  1. Excluding the editors for which there are specific edit controls (dates, combo, memo, maskedit etc) OnCellGetEditor offers geURL, geEmail, geTel which would be useful as options for the standard edit.

  2. Found the code, I see it just sets the input type, so would be easy enough to do with javascript.

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