Sparkle Server returning custom SRC data

I have a project using TSparkleGenericServer to generate simple HTML pages.

This is returning page-requests really well.

However, within the pages there are SRC requests.

If these are in the form: src="/tms/bin/Logo200.jpg" the image is returned perfectly.

However many of the SRC requests are in the form:


Where the 1234 is used to retrieve the image data from a database which contains thousands of images.

Is it possible to capture and customize the processing of the src requests on the server side?

I don't think so, this is out of Sparkle scope.
It doesn't look "ID=1234" is a valid value for the src attribute. The browser will simply try to perform a request to that value in the form of an URL. It's the browser that performs that request.

Ah. OK.

I am trying to migrate a WebBroker application to TMS.

I have tags: (within square brackets)
img src="ID=1234"

With the WebBroker Application all "img" tags result in a call to the web-module passing back the parameters in the tag, so each img request can result in customized behaviour.

If I am clear, this does not happen with the Sparkle Server and such behaviour is not possible at all?

My tags: (within square brackets)

img src="someimage.jpg"

Are being served very nicely by the Sparkle Static Server, provided that the jpg is present in the correct server folder.

I had thought there would be a way to invoke similar behaviour with TMS for the dynamic images.

I could try to export all the images, and change all the tags ... but there are thousands of images stored in the database and they are often updated, so this would be a big job.

What do you mean by "square brackets"?

I wonder how WebBroker works, as it's the browser that does that job.
Are you able to inspect the network requests the browser does (in the Network tab of the browser developer tools) in both situations (working WebBroker and "not working" Sparkle)? This way we can have a better idea about what is going on.

What do you mean by "square brackets"?

Sorry I haven't used your on-line system to post support questions before I was writing

<img src="ID=1234">

And nothing was showing because I was not writing it as "code" the


is a square bracket.


Just to be clear:

When the HTML contains:

<img src="somepicture.jpg">

A request does go to the server to call back the image. Somepicture.jpg is not local to the browser. The TMS Static Server is picking up this request (on the server) to send back the image.

Perhaps I should look into the source of how this is done to try to figure out how to extract the "ID=1234" text. That is all I am trying to do.