Source av. for register users ?

Can you clarify?

Sorry, TMS Data Modeler is not a component, it is an application and it is not delivered with source code.

have you any plam add feture such ascan accept  user plugin for it ?

Maybe in future, but for now, what features you miss that you would want to build a plugin for it?

Support for arrays in both data and domain types.

Support for defining servers and databases
Support for diagramming name-spaces (schema)
Support for diagramming domain dependencies
Support for diagramming function dependencies
Support for diagramming selectable stored procedures, shared triggers and other such constructs.
Support for database triggers such as on-connect, on transaction start etc
Support for diagramming/defining autonomous transactions
Support for the correct generation of metadata so that the extracted script can be run 
Support for defining/selectable stored procedures
Insertion/Modification/Extraction of data within the database model as database structures will change with various result sets.

And then there is the whole realm of UML design, Diagramming links between applications and datastructures, diagramming the use of database objects and various forms within the applications

That also leaves out the entire concept of agile design. 

Most of these can be added using other TMS component packs.

hi , is your answer changed at October-2023 ?
I read yourwebsite " TMS Data Modeler ---€ 105 € 80 yearly renewal license for 1 developer ---Includes
check Full source code
check Access to the TMS Support Center
check Free updates and new releases "

Sorry, source isn't available.
As this is an exception, our website system to render products doesn't take this exception in account.
I will check with the person responsible for the website, if an exception can be made to indicate this does NOT contain source code.

Promise is promise.
if at 25-10-2023 your website says include source code , you must say "yes, if you bought before this date we must be on our promise"
i want to send you a personal e-mail. which your mail adress that i can use.. pls.

I'm sorry, again, it is a technical website mistake because it is ONE exceptional product within about hundred other products that are all delivered with source code. The web script just is a general script to render these pages and therefore it is a mistake. We will look to extend the script to make an exception for this exceptional product.