Sorting.FixedColumns does not exists - again

Hi Pieter,

In a previous topic a couple of days ago, you answered this:

FixedColumns was an option that was actually redundant. The Mode property can be used to switch sorting on or off.

But, that does not seem to work. I have tried all Sorting.Mode options and none of them allowed me to sort on the column named Admin in the example below. Which properties of the TTMSFNCGrid need I use and set to which settings in order to be able to sort in the first column in the example below? The fixed column.




We detected an issue, for some reason the top left cell is not identified as a fixed grid cell and therefore does not apply sorting. The workaround for this is

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCGrid1GetCellClass(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
  var CellClassType: TTMSFNCGridCellClass);
  if (ACol = 0) and (ARow = 0) then
    CellClassType := TTMSFNCFixedGridCell;

We'll investigate here if we can apply a permanent fix.