SmoothMessageDialog orientation

With the December update, version of SmoothMessageDialog shows the message with a vertical orientation. It was horizontal. I don't see a new property to set it one way or the other. Messages are word wrapped, but now are several lines of a couple words where before they were one line in a wide box.

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Thank you for the updated version! What is the best way to get it into the .bpl? I usually just use the installer setup.exe from the version download.

I finally did find the several directories involved and was able to copy the AdvSmoothMessageDialog.pas file you sent and compile TMSVCLUIPackPkgExDXE12.dproj and TMSVCLUIPackPkgExDXE13.dproj. There was no change in behavior. So, I looked back at the original .pas and comparing the two .pas files showed them to be identical! Is there a corrected file available or can you describe the changes necessary?

We send another file as incremental source update that should address this.

Thank you. That appears to fix the problem.

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I have the same problem. Which file is to blame?


Hello, I imagine that a fix scheduled for next release of VCL UI Pack ?


Yes, it will be in v10.6.9.0