SmoothListBox html

Hello =)
I would make a table in header of listbox, and stretch it if I maximize my window.
But it show me only the names of my columns.

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse:collapse; width:100%">
			<td style="width:5%">posnr</td>
			<td style="width:5%">artnr</td>
			<td style="width:55%">artikel</td>
			<td style="width:5%">pauschal</td>
			<td style="width:10%">meeinh</td>
			<td style="width:10%">einzelpreis</td>
			<td style="width:10%">gesamtpreis</td>

Is it bug or is not possible to use all HTML tags in HTML Editor ?
with best regards
V. Klamm

You can use a light version of HTML which is mostly used for the formatting of text.
This can be found on this page: TMS Software | Support