smooth multi-color indicator bar with gradient between colors

I'm looking for an indicator that goes through various colors, say it can be used for WiFi indicator, or password strength indicator, etc. (in these cases say 3 colors, from left/bottom red, to yellow to green. The closest I found was TVrIndicator and purchased that package, but still not quite what I want. The idea is the same as that except instead of led segmented indicators, you have a single smooth indicator and in the example given of 3 colors the widget automatically calculates the segment locations and the gradient to them so the left will be red with gradient to middle yellow then from yellow middle to right green. A parameter would be the primary color size in % you'd say 5% primary color so your gradient actually starts 5% (or 2.5% for colors that aren't on the ends) so you have 5% red, gradient to yellow with 5% yellow and then 5% green at the end. If someone entered 33% in this case you wouldn't get much of a gradient. Also a nice feature for all these would be an "invert", "inverse" or "flip" option so when the default styles are opposite of the way you want like TVrIndicator is, you just tick that instead of having to manually change the LedStyles. It be awesome if you could do this soon (I could do it myself using the Win32 GDI+ interface but as a widget would save time). Thanks!

Maybe this is closer to what you need:

Maybe - but don't want hard breaks but a gradient in to each level (another usage would be like a volume level but green to yellow to red vs the others red to yellow to green).

Did you try to set Stacked = true? Then it is not displaying with blocks.