showHint with TTMSFNCPlanner

I would like to show hint on position in a VCL TTMSFNCPlanner. The property "showHint" is visible in the IDE if you add a TTMSFNCPlanner in a form. But if you create the TTMSFNCPlanner by code, showHint is a function and not a boolean anymore.
It there something I don't understand ?
Thank you for your answer
Alexandre Boisramé

I'm not sure what you are seeing in the IDE, but here it's a property:

TMSFNCPlanner1.ShowHint := True;

Thank you for your answer.

If if create a class TTruc with TTruc = class(TTMSFNCPlanner) ... and in my code I create a TTruc object, I cannot get the showHint property from this object. In this case "showHint" is the procedure :
procedure TTMSFNCCustomPlanner.ShowHint(AItem: TTMSFNCPlannerItem; X, Y: Double);

That's because you are getting access to protected methods. You'll need to create a different property and map it on the internal ShowHint property

Of course ! I understand
Thank you
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